Part 4: Supra Team Video - "Josh Sanders" - A Legend in the Sport - Share it!

Josh Sanders is one of Australia's wakeboarding living legends. With two decades with Obrien Wakeboards, over a decade with Supra Boats and 14 years as a Redbull Athlete, Josh has been an integral part of teaching people how to wakeboard and growing wake boarding in Australia. Josh has done projects from surfing on his wakeboard in Tahiti to hitting Red Bull rails in Egypt. In 2005 Josh Sanders wake boarder was USA Pro Wakeboard Tour champion and King of Wake Champion competing against his friends, Philip Soven, Parks Bonifay, Danny Harf and Australian Daniel Watkins. Josh Sanders and his brother Justin Sanders run the Australian Wake Boat Manufacturing plant for Supra Boats and Moomba Boats and have been a big part of the New Supra SA 550. If you have a couple minutes, watch Josh, riding in his back yard over the 2012/13 Australian Summer. visit for more info